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sir-richard-bransonThe billionaire entrepreneur behind the Virgin Group empireSir Richard is not a man known for crumbling in the face of a challenge
As the man who built his empire up from a modest mail-order record service, Sir Richard Branson is not known for walking away from challenging situations.

The 64-year-old billionaire entrepreneur struggled with dyslexia as a child and eventually left school at 16 to launch a magazine for young people.

His multinational corporate empire started in a London commune as a business selling records through mail order in the early 1970s before exploding into a behemoth that has included a record label, airlines, finance, a mobile phone network and train franchise.

In 1972, Sir Richard founded the Virgin Records music label and went onto sign stars such as Genesis, the Sex Pistols and The Rolling Stones. In 2013, he credited the £500 million pound sale of Virgin records for him being able to “build spaceships today”.

Sir Richard’s Virgin Group now holds over 200 companies across 30 countries.